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Our Manifesto

We are unapologetically mission-borne, initially conceived as an intention to channel creativity towards a cause: supporting existing and emerging immigration justice and reform initiatives.  

We began this journey ready to learn about the historical and present day impacts of the jewellery industry by researching and speaking to manufacturers and sourcing experts. From the excavation of vulnerable environments for materials, the endangerment of our biodiversity, to the exploitation of global communities at each stage of the supply chain, the apathy and lack of awareness that we encountered on all these fronts is simply not good enough.

We found hope in emerging technologies, invaluable conversations & partnerships that exposed us to the possibilities of the future, and the examples set by other small businesses producing sustainable treasures.

All our designs are made exclusively using recycled metals, and those with stones are sustainably sourced and conflict-free (lab-grown, repurposed, or traceable)

Our packaging is also made of recycled & recyclable materials, and we craft small batches of each collection to be conscious of our material and labour demands.

As producers, we’ve put so much thought into offering pieces that you’ll hopefully love as much as we’re proud of them. Our plan is to share what we learn with you so that we can all make better informed decisions as consumers too. 

We’re committed to continue learning how to run this project sustainably, and welcome your feedback and suggestions! Thank you for following along and joining the Aḗr Collective.